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Today we started the #30daysofhappiness campaign started by The Smile Epidemic, yet another Kitchener Waterloo initiative that’s set out to make the world a better place! If you haven’t heard about the Smile Epidemic, you need to check out their site right now; you will quickly understand what it’s about at

We are going to take a bit of our own spin to the challenge though. When we were shooting the Ignite Charity event last Wednesday, where the founder Mr. Jim Moss was talking about happiness. There was one line he said that resonated with me,

“Lend me your smile and I’ll give it back to you with interest”.

Well Jim, we are going to take what you said in a literal sense. My team and I are going to be borrowing as many smiles as we can with the hopes that we can personally engage with as many people and what makes them happy and merge our creative and media nature in the process.

So watch out because we will be looking for your smiles and we kindly ask we can borrow them in the form of a photo!

Follow The Smile Epidemic at @smile__epidemic and Jim Moss at @smile_epidemic!