Video Marketing Agency

First things first: Do you need a pitch video? Yes. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter say that projects supplemented with videos have a higher success rate. Not looking to crowdfund your idea? A video is still a worthwhile investment – whether to send to potential investors, feature on your site, or generate initial buzz about your product, service, or company.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a pitch video, whether it’s homemade or crafted with the help of a team like ours.

  1. Get over your fear of public speaking. Sure, you’re being captured on video, rather than standing in front of a crowd, but it can still be nerve-racking. Reality check, folks. If you’re trying to start a company, you’re going to need to take every public speaking opportunity you can get your hands on. So get over that fear. Right now.
  2. It’s not a product demo. Pitch videos and product demos are not the same. A good pitch video, like any video, should have an emotional aspect to it. It doesn’t have to produce tears of laughter or joy, but it needs to resonate with your audience.
  3. Don’t assume that you’re solving an obvious problem. People don’t always know what they need (or could need, if they knew it existed). You can’t just explain what your product or service does, keep your fingers crossed, and hope people will like it. You need to give it a backstory, explaining how it could add value to their lives. Think of it as a mini case study.
  4. In fact, think of it as a series of case studies. It’s unlikely that you’ll attract a large audience by outlining a single use case. You need to list a few variations. Repetition is key. Hammer that message into your crowd’s head. Make them think, “Wow! Life would be so much better if I used [spiffy product/service name].”
  5. Your video isn’t universal. While pitch videos are great for investors, you might need to take a slightly different approach with a crowdfunding video. A potential investor will want to know the specifics, everything from why you need the money to how you’ll spend it, to a timeline of your plans, and all that’s in between. Don’t expect that same video to appeal to the general public. They just want to know how it’ll affect their lives. Do you need two dramatically different videos? No. But it isn’t a bad idea to have a cut for each use – and one with investor lingo, and the other in layman’s terms.
  6. People matter. It’s not just the idea people choose to invest in, but the person or team behind that idea. While a pitch video isn’t a casting call, and your beautifully coiffed hair and high cheekbones aren’t going to land you the cash, you’ll need to show your face. Convey your passion, and give your audience the chance to develop an emotional connection to you and your team, not just an inanimate object.