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A visit to the White House with Taylor Jones

It’s not everyday you get invited to the White House, in fact its likely on the side of never. But not for my good friend Taylor Jones of Dear Photograph. Taylor was invited to photograph PM Justin Trudeau’s first official White House visit to meet with President Barack Obama, which is special in an of itself given a PM has not been invited to the White House in nearly 20 years. It’s an important mark in American and Canadian politics as the two prolific leaders have shown such respect and cooperation to improve both nations in unity. It was a real privilege to be involved in documenting the journey as Prime Minister Trudeau settles into his recently appointed role and as President Obama prepares to exit next January. This is my recap of our journey to Washington and Taylor’s visit at the White House.

Check out Taylor’s monumental photos from the day here: Photography By┬áTaylor Jones

Alexander Marshall

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