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Who’s George Briggs?

Alexander GB Marshall

Alexander launched George Briggs Media in 2011 on a mission to create more affective ways for brands to communicate their message. Having started in arts at a young age, progressing through various mediums of expression such as fine art, fashion, photography, he found video the perfect tool to tell captivating stories that can cause massive change.


We are not a company. We are an excuse for creatives and design fanatics to get together and blow things up. We are design-thinking incarnate.

We help great brands understand how they fit into the lives of their customers to create meaningful video content that is both effective and affective.

We tell stories that speak with your audience and work closely with you to understand the scope and details of your business. From conceptualization to execution, we’ll ensure the continuity and clarity of your message. We provide a wide array of services to assist all of your video needs, from content marketing, culture & recruitment, testimonials, start-up services and event documentation. All our video solutions go through our 6 phase process to ensure the content fits the context.

Affective Video = Effective Brand