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What it comes down to in this wonderful world of advertising, marketing and communications are relationships, meaningful ones that we make with industry professionals. We hear a lot about the importance of networking and in this day in age it can mean the difference between making it into the career of your dreams or not, of even getting hired after graduation or not. Networking, however, is a skill to be honed and is typically something you are not taught in school or often given the opportunities to develop for yourself.

Thankfully there are companies like Boost Agents who through their organization Ad Lounge, host an annual “Next Gen Dinner Series”. The Dinner Series aims to connect students in Advertising, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Business, Graphic Design, Web Development and Digital programs with leading industry executives.

The process of bringing this all together begins with applying to be part of the program. 300+ graduating students applied this year alone, of which, 100 applicants are selected by the committee and are interview by trained recruiters. Once the top 63 students were selected they were put through a training process headed by Three Training and Combustion focusing on Ideation, Collaboration and Presentation skills. it all culminates at the dinner where students are able to put this new knowledge to work networking over a classy dinner and drinks.

George Briggs Media was on hand to document the process and give you an inside look at the selection and training process as well as the dinner itself. We encourage any hopeful students out there to apply next year and keep a keen eye out for any opportunities such as this to hone your skills and make meaningful connections and relationships.


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