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This month Communitech connected with us regarding a great program called BlackBox Connect, a two week accelerator program sponsored by Google. 16 startups from 16 countries around the world were selected to attend and of them Communitech nominated Beanworks was the sole Canadian company selected for the Spring 2014 program.

Beanworks CEO, Catherine Dahl, had taken some great raw footage of her experience and Communitech had asked us to compile it into a visual story. Shot from a first person perspective, Catherine gave viewers a unique look at the 2 week program from an insiders point of view. This got us to thinking about how important it is to see an experience rather than simply read about it. An individual can write about an experience in blog post or in an article but you don’t get a real empathetic reaction to reading about it as you would seeing it for yourself. Being able to catch a glimpse of someone else’s journey on film enables the viewer to feel a more meaningful connection and relate to the genuine content.

For a program like BlackBox Connect that such a select number of people are ever able to take part in it is valuable for it to be seen rather than read about. Video enables viewers to further understand the importance of such a program and the opportunities that it creates for startups, investors, experts and executives alike to connect and collaborate.

Make sure to check out Catherine and her experience at BlackBox Connect Spring 2014 below:


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