Video Marketing Agency

Back in the fall we worked with local startup, Dandy in developing a video concept to communicate their new business to potential consumers and aid in launching their platform. Dandy is community driven, crowdsharing platform that brings its users together to build apps. As their mission states you simply “Share your app idea. Get community feedback. Share in the profits.”

We shot the commercial with the help of another local startup, Groupnotes, who provided their house for the location and even did a little acting. We started filming late and into the night and thanks to some great lighting techniques you wouldn’t guess! The shoot was a lot of fun and since we tend to record everything on film we amassed a lot of the behind the scenes footage which we clipped together for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to check out the final product below:

Still in its beta stage, Dandy has recently released its new app “Picture This”, a photo app created by contributors that engages users “with interactive public and event specific challenges.” We highly recommend you click here and visit their website to check it out for yourself. It is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry now.


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