Video Marketing Agency

A video is most effective when its audience is

a) the right audience, and

b) engaging with the content.

The number of views on your video doesn’t mean anything if the viewers gave up half way through or didn’t gain anything in the end. The whole point of putting content out there is to give your audience something to think about and have them act on a call to action.

Rather than trying to draw people to your video, the goal is to create content that will have viewers looking for you. By producing content that is in high demand, your viewers are going to be more engaged with your material, and more likely to interact post-video.

The key to this approach is becoming involved in an online community that suites your niche. It’s important to know who the influencers are in any given field in which you’re trying to break into. Influencer marketing is the focus on individuals, rather than groups of target markets. The influencer is your bridge to an audience with like interests.

Gaining quality views on your videos comes from creating an online presence and expressing your brand effectively through the medium.

How do you know if you are getting quality views?

It is likely that you are getting what you want from your video when the views are translating into something else; this might be sales, engagement, or anything that has resulted from a call to action.

In the end, going viral isn’t the ultimate goal; the goal is for your video to go micro-viral. Micro-viral being the act of your video being spread through a specific group with like interests.

Ultimately, knowing your brand and being able to define it in a video medium is a crucial step in having a successful video. Creating strong content that draws audiences in will produce higher levels of engagement and action, resulting in quality views.

– Nicole Renfer