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Kitchener-Waterloo is home to a lot of amazing startups laying ground to some really cool things and we at GB Media are lucky enough to work with many of these innovators. This summer we had the opportunity to work with Clipter, co-founded by Brett Madill and Chris Recalis who are part of the current cohort of Communitech’s Hyperdrive program.

Clipter is a collaborative video app available now as a free download for iOS. The app enables you to record moments and share them to a collaborative story with your friends. Clipter then stitches the clips together in real time so that you, your friends and subscribers can view the video as it evolves. Since its launch users have been using the app to document their travels and events, some use it to showcase their music and art while others take on a citizen journalist role and vlog using the tool. For more use cases make sure to read this great blog they wrote on the 7 types of people on Clipter.


We connected with Clipter when they first arrived at Hyperdrive Hub and needed us to help them create a video and messaging that would aid in the launch of the app. We decided to take a simple approach of showing users the very relatable experience of heading out on a camping trip with your friends while showcasing the fun and ease of documenting it with Clipter.

For the quickest updates on Clipter make sure to follow them on Twitter (@clipterapp) and head on over to or click here to download the app!

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