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You’d think that I’d get enough creative stimulation on a daily basis at GB but when you love what you do there’s never enough. There’s an itch begging to be scratched when it comes to all the ideas flowing through my head of what could be cool to communicate, visualize, build etc…

I’m a huge fan of old industrial buildings that are past their prime. Something about them that is just innately cool. Perhaps its the fact that these gargantuan buildings used to be full of life and now there’s nothing but a void of that. So naturally I was curious to go venturing through one and snuck into one with a bit of gear from the GB HQ. This was NOT an easy task, waist deep snow, buried rusted shrap metal and many other hazards, so if you want to do this same, use your discretion. I don’t advise anyone to do the same, but I’m also not advising against it. 😉

Here’s what I came across in my adventures.

Alex GB Marshall


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