Video Marketing Agency

You’ve jumped onboard video ads, and you’ve probably made the odd viral video attempt, but have you properly considered all of the ways you could incorporate video into your sales and marketing strategy? Leverage the countless possibilities, from educational how-tos, to case studies and press releases. Check out our top ten uses of video:

  1. Testimonials.  Word of mouth has long been a favoured tool for attracting new clientele, but lately, praise is often summarized in a 140-character thumbs up. There’s no denying that a tweet does the trick, but why not use video to show how passionate your current clients really are? Enter video testimonials, adding that emotional component you might’ve found hard to introduce in your writing.
  2. Recruitment.  Don’t let a bland job description scare away great hires. What better way to show your corporate culture than to share a video from your latest holiday party, or a day in the life as an employee?
  3. Case studies.  A video allows for a more detailed approach, and a better explanation of just how debilitating that problem was, and how crucial your product, service, or team, has been in solving it. Follow the same 3-step approach as you would in a written study – problem, route of attack, and solution.
  4. Expert Interviews.  Interview an expert in your industry or field, and leech off of their fame. Alright, it’s not the most honest use of video, but your company benefits from association, and the expert gets to adds another notch to his or her belt.
  5. Content marketing.  We’re bombarded with written content day in and day out. Even the most avid reader can grow tired of skimming through blogs and newsletters. Spice things up; throw a little video into the mix. Whether it’s a video documenting a recent team outing, or one of the other options we’ve listed here, your audience will enjoy stumbling across different forms of media during their morning news scan.
  6. Pitch videos.  Whether for a crowdfunding campaign, an interview, or a meeting with a potential investor, pitch videos have come to play a key role in the success of many young businesses. Don’t skimp on production costs. Shaky video and muffled audio aren’t going to help your cause. Invest a little money into a video; you’ll get it back, with interest.
  7. Press releases.  If your news is exciting enough for a press release, it’s certainly good enough for a video. Record the news, and share twice the details in half the time it takes for someone to read through a press release. Besides, journalists and bloggers are always looking for interesting content. They might be more likely to share your news if it’s in an easily digestible format, like video.
  8. Events.  Most corporate events come with a high-priced entry ticket. Offer those who can’t afford to attend another option. Look into recording the event and putting a video together of key moments, of keynote speeches, or instead live streaming the event. Don’t worry about dissuading people from signing up to attend; the benefits of being present are unmatched.
  9. New feature releases.  Product launches are often supplemented by video, but feature releases haven’t quite seemed to warrant the same chance. Sometimes it can be tough to explain just how awesome a new feature is, without a few visuals to go alongside it. While photos can often do the trick, videos let you display that new feature in a simple, yet exciting way, while doubling as introductory support-style videos.
  10. Tutorials and support videos.  Written how-tos are great for explaining simple concepts, but when step-by-step lists near the length of novels, it’s probably time to use video. Recorded tutorials do wonders for both aural and visual learners, and you can always add that how-to essay below the video.