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With the rising popularity of video and the decrease in youths’ attention spans, companies must compete for their viewers’ attention.
Think of a movie or commercial that caught your attention. Chances are it contained a quick cut, explosion, loud sound, funny comment, fast movement, act of violence, burst of colour, etc. These can all be considered “jolts.”

jolt /jōlt/


1. An emotional or psychological shock.

2. A sudden jarring or jerking movement.

Visual cues that subconsciously link to human needs and desires can be jolts. For example, seeing a girl in a bikini plays with people’s natural drive for sex. Businesses must maximize the amount of jolts that they put into their videos (especially short videos) in order to catch a consumer’s attention and ensure that they continue watching.

“Jolts per minute” (JPM) is a way to predict a video’s ability to hold someone’s attention. Now advertisers are actually calculating “jolts per second” as attention spans decrease even more.

“Thou shalt give them enough jolts per minute or thou shalt lose them.
– Morris Wolfe, Canadian television critic

So we know that the JPM that a video contains directly correlates to it’s success, as adding jolts is a proven way to hold attention. This also translates to retention rates. There are plenty of videos out there that are popular because they are meaningful, and not necessarily action-packed. However, There are so many distractions today; everyone has a phone, a computer, and iPod, and they are all fighting for our attention.

Now consider yourself as a consumer. Are you aware of how many jolts you see in movies and on TV? They probably pass by too fast for your eyes to recognize and label. And that is exactly why they are effective.

Test it: do you think you can spot all of the jolts? Check out this beloved Old Spice ad and count. This seems a bit tricky since the video is one continuous shot, but consider camera angles and movements in place of cuts. Remember, more than one jolt can occur simultaneously. Our count is below.

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