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We just completed the production and branding for the UCube Air Commercial for UltraLink this week after a 3 month process! From conceptualization, to delays, to shooting, to much editing and revisions, it’s done! This is our second commercial with UltraLink shooting their 1st gen of the speaker last summer. It’s always very satisfying working with our clients over a long period as we get to really understand them and can more effectively add value to their business.

UCube Air Final Cut from George Briggs on Vimeo.

We had a great crew and cast working on set, and a great team working on the conceptualization as well. I will break down the thank you’s in categories:

PreProduction: Jessie Bridge, Nick Stein, Jessie Chang

Actresses & Actors: Amy Carson, Nick Smith, Krystina Chabursky, Ryan Neufeld

Make Up: Samantha Brewes
Stylist: Stefania Rose

B Roll & Gaffers: Jessie Bridge & Brad Rivers

If I have accidentally left someone out please let me know!

Thanks again! BTS video coming soon!