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Nicoya Lifesciences had a very intriguing problem. Their new to market product, the OpenSPR, is disrupting the way researchers and educators approach their work by providing a more accessible solution while delivering beyond the required accuracy needed to perform their research.


Tasked with inspiring scientists and educators about the impact potential that OpenSPR could have, I felt it was appropriate to use vivid imagery juxtaposing product use with industry applications. Together we selected a handful of industries of focus, striking a balance in evoking both specific uses as well as the broad market base.


Juxtaposing the product with vivid imager was no easy task both in a conceptual and technical manner as it would have been easy to become too cliche or literal in implementing the direction. To avoid this, a filmic outer world mood was chosen, in order for the spot to act as a spark towards imagining the possibilities.

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