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Structur3D Printing


Structur3D Printing developed a paste extruder for 3D printers called the Discovery enabling printing with any filament paste including Nutella! When preparing for their Kickstarter campaign they knew how important a role the video played in communicating their message to the right audience. The video needed to communicate quickly and effectively while being shareable and resonate with the right target. In this respect they faced a few challenges the main of which was they had a very niche product. With an estimated 44,000 consumer 3D printers sold this year they are pulling from an already small market that may have never printed with paste materials before.


We decided to target makers and take a more unconventional approach to the typical Kickstarter video. Makers do just that – they make things. 3D printing fits perfectly into their world because it allows them create what they want. Makers like to work across various media with a wide range of materials without restriction – something The Discovery enables them to do. We created a concept where in which we would film makers in their spaces creating their work with the aid of The Discovery paired with a monologue depicting what it means to be a marker.

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