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We’ve partnered with Project Macfrica to shoot their upcoming fundraiser(19+) at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, ON on Saturday, Feb 18th @ 8PM. The event is to support for our upcoming trip to Kenya on March 23rd.

The night will feature live music, over-the-top games midway games (Real Life Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, PlayDoh Drop from the 3rd Floor, and an Emergency Landing Paper Airplane Toss to name a few!), and Karaoke backed by a live band after midnight. We have pre-event access to the ARENA exhibit and plenty of fantastic door prizes, draws, and raffles.

The money raised will help bring a team of four to Kenya on March 23rd to establish Project Macfrica’s second Mac computer lab! This new lab of twenty Macs will be built in the Agape in Action High School, the future home to over 300 new students. Project Macfrica also will be supporting the previous lab with additional training, maintenance and upgrades, plus prospecting for computer lab #3! The goal is to raise $20,000 which hopefully a big portion of that will be raised on the 18th.

If you are from out of town or unable to attend we are asking for donations through our Eventbrite Page. You are able to select “Donation” from the list of tickets and donate in any denomination.

It’s going to be a crazy night and just another reason for you to love Kitchener Waterloo. Make sure you come talk to the GB team on the 18th!

See you all there!