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Over the past week we’ve been rocketed back in our seats getting back on track with upcoming projects in the coming weeks. Although it was nice to be away for 6 weeks in Greece and other parts of Europe, it is nice to take on new and interesting projects with fresh eyes. Now it’s all about putting countless hours into perfecting our craft and moving towards our long term goals.

Speaking of which, this week I was listening to a very inspiring woman by the name of Jackie Lee, founder of, talking about a simple but important lesson: Hard Work! The key thing that I related to and feel she was spot on with is the 10,000 Hour Rule. The idea is that to become an expert in something, you must spend 10,000 hours on that thing, and it’s absolutely true.

One of the biggest faults I see in a lot of startups today is the effort they put in to perfecting their “art of doing business” instead of the nature of their business. Not to say that pitches and networking and all that stuff isn’t important; it’s incredibly important. But I don’t see startups perfecting their ideas, refining them, making them worthy of an IPO someday or a company that can prosper without being bought out. Good ideas take time, networking and pitching won’t help if the idea hasn’t gone through enough cycles of critique by oneself. For the past year I’ve had this picture on my desktop and my iPhone which is a quote from Ira Glass and has deeply resonated with me and keeps me in check when I get impatient.

Every business I’ve run has been run on a grit strategy. Work a lot and learn a lot; simple but reliable. Don’t get impatient if things aren’t working out right away, things take time, ideas take time, and six months is nothing when it comes to perfecting an idea.

You have to work hard to get lucky.