Video Marketing Agency

Part of what sets George Briggs apart is that we unconditionally put our hearts into sharing the personal vision of each one of our clients. We love helping to craft the essence of our client’s product or service through the medium of film. We have found that one of the (many) greatest perks of this intimate relationship is sharing in the excitement of our clients success.

A perfect example of this is the feature of UCube Compact Digital Speakers on the front page of the Apple Store earlier this month. Three square inches have never been so mighty. The U Cube has made sharing sound so simple, portable and trendy- check them out at; if you haven’t already!

We at George Briggs send out a warm congratulations to the UltraLink team and commend them on their deserving success!!

As with all of our clients, we are honoured and excited to be involved in this partnership and can’t wait to see what exciting things the future has in store for the Ultralink & their innovative UCube!


GB Team