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Those of you who are very familiar with KickStarter know that a lot of the time it comes down to having a great video that grabs your attention, keeps it and offers great value to the group it is targeting. A few weeks ago a great local startup, Structur3D Printing came to us needing a concept for a video to launch their KickStarter for their new product the “Discov3ry Extruder”, a universal paste extruder for virtually any desktop 3D printer. We decided to base the video around makers from different industries to really show the flexibility and vast use cases for the extruder, from bakers and artists to scientists. The final product was paired with an inspiring monologue and release late last night as they launched their campaign.

Now only 20 hours into their campaign Structur3D Printing have officially reached their $30,000 goal! However, the campaign does not end there. On their official KickStarter page they have outlined added features for every stretch goal they hit. So keep backing the project and they will reveal more exciting rewards and product additions. Check out below for the goals they have revealed thus far:

Click here to visit their KickStarter page and back the project!


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