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Video Testimonials

1. Why you need a video testimonial

When your mom raves about a specific product or a friend suggests a great restaurant, you will most likely take their word for it and give those things a try for yourself. In fact, 93% of consumers believe that word-of-mouth is the most reliable source of information.

Video testimonials work in a similar way and can have the same effect on potential clients!

While written testimonials are an option, they may come up short. If all of the written testimonials give a company glowing praise, the validity of the text becomes questionable to your skeptical customers. However, when a consumer sees that real people are giving rave reviews, it becomes much more believable. In addition, potential customers tend to ignore large sections of text if it fails to capture their interest. For this reason, video is seen as remarkably more modern and engaging for all demographics.

Smart businesses use testimonial videos to demonstrate that they are trustworthy and to show their audience the effectiveness of their product or service. It’s an excellent way to promote your company over the competitors. Testimonials are great for taking a casual, personal approach to proving your value, and they actually push sales indirectly.

While statistics, facts, and numbers can be a great sales tool, your customers will appreciate a more human connection to your business. They may have a short attention span when dull company data is the only thing that is selling a product or service.

Video testimonials allow a company to leverage devoted customers and create powerful human connections that will attract future customers, build credibility and prove expertise.

As the marketing genius Seth Godin put it,

You can spread your ideas, attract new customers and inform your audience by simply building a reputation on top of the one you already have.

Seth realized that what you say about yourself will never be as important as what others say about you, and that relationships are pivotal for the success of a business. So, if you’ve taken the time to craft valuable relationships with clients, use those connections to your advantage!

2. How to create your video testimonial

There are a couple of important elements that need to be in place in order to make your testimonial video effective. One must look at the specificity, the intensity, and the credibility of the video content.

A successful video should address the most prominent concerns that are discouraging possible customers from using your product or service. In addition, the rebuttal to the worry should be strong enough to erase any pain points from your customer’s mind. You’re creating this video to promote your business, and so you should try your hardest to make your customer feel comfortable with their decision to endorse you.

Don’t forget, testimonials are only effective when they come from a trustworthy source. You trust your mother, don’t you?! If your testifying interviewee doesn’t hold any sort of authority over the viewer, their high opinion of your business is meaningless.

3. Where to use your video testimonial

So, you have an awesome video testimonial for your company. Now what…?

Think of your video as a seed. First, you need to make sure you plant it in the right spot. Some places you may want to display your video include your website, social media platforms, emails, presentations, trade shows or even proposals.

The number of shares, views, likes and comments will act as the water and sunlight needed for your seed to blossom. Additionally, they are the crucial elements that can be used to determine the ROI (Return On Investment) from your video. Reviewing the analytics of your video is critical to measuring the success of your new testimonial video.

Congratulations! Before you know it, your seed will be in full bloom and your video testimonial will be attracting new clients!