Video Marketing Agency

We are back! After 6 weeks of time off for me to travel to Europe; France, Spain, Italy and Greece, I’ve come back to reality. Bittersweet in a sense I suppose.

On my trip I took the opportunity to capture some of what I would say is my best work. As I’m working on it now, I will be posting small videos documenting the trip based on locations and some other themes over the next few weeks.

Something that I’m always reminded about when traveling to Europe is the necessity to remember to slow down. Back here in North America, we have a tendency to go go go and completely tip the work life balance scale. As we’ve become more and more accesible, expectations are ever increasing in our response times. Every email, phone call, text doesn’t need to be adressed right away necessarily.

Over the past few months I’ve been documenting Laurier’s Alumni entrepreneurs experiences of being an entrepreneur have really taken away some very insightful advice, specifically on work life balance.

Never forget to take time for yourself, time supersedes all other commodities.

Alexander GB Marshall