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We are very proud to present our latest commercial for TitanFile’s awareness campaign today. TitanFile is a secure file sharing platform that allows you to communicate with those that matter through private cloud, providing a government level secure connection.

Crane Shot over the DVP

Over the past couple months, we have been developing and working closely with the TitanFile team to develop a pull-based strategy to communicate with their target audience (Lawyers, Doctors, and Business Professionals) in a way that will relate to them on an emotional level. After much thought and care, and countless revisions, we boiled it down to two basic principles: security and collaboration. Beyond all the fantastic features that TitanFile has to offer, we wanted to provide the customer with a deeper understanding of the significant flaws in the current standard system of collaboration and how Titanfile works to alleviate those deficiencies.
Office Shoot

As with any creative project, the challenges faced both in production and post production made this an incredibly rewarding campaign to work on for us. We want to send a big thanks to the TitanFile team for working with us, and we’re looking forward to further collaborations!