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For the past few weeks we have been releasing promotional videos for the TIYO (This Is Your Out). The TIYO is a small, desecrate device that gets you out of awkward situations. You simply hit the only button on the device and it calls your phone with a repeat after me script to get you out of bad dates, uncomfortable runs in’s, annoying people at work and more.

If you have been keeping up with the funny videos you can probably imagine how much fun they were to shoot. From the hilarious actress we cast to play the mom, the horrible boss that was great at pretending to be tasered, to the furry kidnapping scene, there were a lot of amazing people on set making it a great shoot. The videos were scripted but we encouraged improvisation so throughout the full day shoot. We ended up getting so much footage and so many great lines that we couldn’t fit them all in the videos. Naturally we had to make a blooper reel. Click here to view the campaign videos and look below for the blooper reel!

Click here to head over to the TIYO Indiegogo campaign and get yourself this dandy little device.

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