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Welcome to the first edition of TIYO Tuesday!

We had the opportunity to work with a mister Ivan Lukianchuk on his newest entrepreneurial venture, This Is Your Out (TIYO!), creating a campaign to aid in launching his Indiegogo crowd funding efforts. The TIYO is a small device to help you escape any situation you don’t want to be in. Simply press the button on your keychain and receive a call with an excuse lined up! After brain storming and collaborating we came up with a series of humorous videos to lead up to the launch July 15th and show you some great examples of how the TIYO device can be your secret weapon.

The first of which we have right here for you. How to get out of a bad date, brought to you by TIYO.

On set this scene was a lot of fun to shoot. Matt Gardner from local startup Videostream volunteered to play the role of the “Bad Date” (I’m sure a date with him wouldn’t be quite this bad). We simply had him sit down, recite his resume and agree to get a drink thrown in his face. What a trooper!

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Keep an eye out next Tuesday for the second video release in the series.


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