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Here we are, the fourth TIYO Tuesday, the last video teaser release before the official launch of the This Is Your Out Indiegogo campaign! As of next Tuesday you will finally be able to purchase the TIYO device that serial entrepreneur Ivan Lukianchuk created to get you out of awkward and unwanted situations. Simply hit the button on the device and it will call you with a repeat after me excuse to help you escape.

This week TIYO takes on that horrible boss of yours, that overbearing, annoying, horrible boss that you just can’t get off your back. Take a look below and see how you can discreetly use the TIYO to rescue you from another long patronizing talk with your boss.

Horrible boss? Over bearing mother? The worst date ever? Click here to find out more about how This Is Your Out can help.

Keep an eye out next week for the official Indiegogo campaign launch!

To find out more about how to get contextually relevant with your consumer click here.


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