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Time for this week in new Ad releases: Sports edition featuring EA Sports and DirecTV, two music video style videos with big names featured.

EA Sports: NFL 15 – Madden Season

There have been a slew of ads out over the summer featuring comedians or internet memes and seem to be targeting social media. From Fiat’s Tumblr twerking gif ads to Dodge’s witty spots featuring Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson, brands seem to be going for the ultra shareable aspect. Here we have EA Sports’ NFL 15 Madden Season spot which has been getting a lot of press today saying it is either the best or worst game ad they have ever seen. In the bit Kevin Hart continuously goes after Dave Franco (the poor man’s James Franco) at great lengths to be victorious over him at sports video games.

Keep your eyes peeled for Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time and NBA star Damian Lillard just to name a few cameos.

So what are your thoughts? Good or bad? Humorous or trying to hard?

DirecTV: Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music Video

Eli and Peyton Manning team up again and showcase their rap chops for a new ad to promote DirecTV’s fantasy football channel. The follow up to the much love “Football on your Phone” does not disappoint. From auto-tuned Eli Manning floating in space to a football filled with nachos – this spot seems to balance cheesy, wit and insanity pretty well.

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