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As per Friday tradition now here at GB Media we celebrate a week in new Ad releases as well as our own new releases. So let’s just jump in shall we?

Christoffer Caster: “#LOLVO V60”

Back in May, Christoffer Castor, a Swedish art director decided to make a video ad to help him sell his Volvo 245GL 93′. Needless to say it went viral garnering over 1.6 million views. It really is a very well done, witty spot with well written copy so make sure to view it below:

Well the man behind the Volvo is back with a sequel to the greatest used car classified ad ever, this time showing off another beauty. This time around we have the V60 Sportswagon R-Design T6 AWD.

Garagista: “The Hipster Hijacking”

South Africa’s Garagista Beer Co. is taking on hipsters in it’s newest spot, taking a stand and positioning itself as definitely not the right beer for cool people to drink. In ad we see hipsters take each other on and battle it out over bicycles, records, typewriters and more in order to taste the brew.

George Briggs Media New Release – This Is Your Out: “How to deal with an awkward mom”

This week we released the second in a four part series that we made for our client TIYO, a small device that gets you out of unwanted situations by calling you. The Indiegogo campaign launches July 15th so keep an eye out for the next two videos!


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