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Happy 4th of July America!

Every Friday we take a look back at the Ad’s released that week. With Canada Day just past and Independence day upon us we thought it would be great to focus in on the brands that released special video content for the holidays. There was a lot of great work released but one campaign completely stole the show by carving out its own holiday and killing it. In saying that, this week in new Ad releases will be dedicated to Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign.

After the massive success of their “If We Made It” campaign, the Heineken-owned brand decided to take the same approach for the beloved American celebration. Dubbing July 3rd “Independence Eve” they made a series of videos around the concept of what America would be like if the UK had won the Revolutionary War and enlisted the aid of Stephen Merchant, Zachary Quinto and Elizabeth Hurley to sell the message. Below are a few videos from the “If We Won” campaign but make sure to check out the website to see a whole host more.

For more video’s from the campaign made sure to check out

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