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This week we feature a staple on our Friday blog, Newcastle and a public stunt from Tim Hortons:

Newcastle: Newcastle Ad Aid

We feature Newcastle campaigns often on this weekly blog and that is because beyond that fact that we love the brew, they also always have great internet spots. Newcastle’s ads are consistently witty, timely. on point and perfect satyrs of common media ploys.

Case and point their brand new “Newcastle Ad Aid” campaign. Hot on the heels of Miller Lite’s “Most Wonderful Time – Fan Version” campaign where in which they asked consumers to send in photos of them enjoying their product to be featured in ads, Newcastle has hopped on the bandwagon. In the spot you can see below, Newcastle discusses how they blew their marketing budget on paying celebrities to pretend to drink their beer. Due to their lack of funds they are asking everyone to send in their photos so that they can photoshop them into sweet ads for their beer. For example they transformed what would normally be a boring vacation photo into a sweet beer ad:

Newcastle Ad Aid

Tim Hortons: #TimsDark Experiment

Beloved Canadian staple, Tim Hortons, has not released a new coffee blend in 50 years, that is until now. To create buzz and excitement around the launch of its new dark roast they decided to go the public stunt route and completely black out a location in Quebec. Customers cautiously lurked around outside while some made their way inside. When entering they were shocked to realize that the entire inside was also blacked out with only a friendly mans voice enthusiastically encouraging them to follow his voice to a warm cup of their new dark roast. The clip has now surpassed 1.5 million views on Youtube and countless shares of images of the ominous blacked out store making it a huge success for the chain.

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