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Two campaigns stood out week long in our minds, TD Canada’s ‘#TDThanksYou’ and Dodge’s “Don’t Touch My Dart’ and for very different reasons. TD Canada’s spot was heartfelt and genuine – which is a lot to say for a bank commercial and Dodge’s series of videos were laugh out loud funny. Let’s take a deeper look:

TD Canada Trust: #TDThanksYou

It is not often that a bank has probably made you feel anything but frustration but this week TD Canada managed to create a campaign that may even make you shed a tear.

For an entire day TD Canada employees at over 1,100 locations handed out $20 bills to every customer and thousands received direct deposits. Moreover, for a special few the ATM’s were transformed into ‘Automated Thanking Machines’ and awarded them with more than just cash. To show how personally invested they are in their customers lives they gifted select individuals with personalized gifts. In the viral video now viewed over 8 million times you see individuals gifted anything from beautiful flowers, to trips to DisneyWorld to a visit from José Bautista. The standout for us? One hardworking mother was given round trip tickets to finally visit her daughter in Trinidad who is fighting cancer. So grab a tissue and have a watch to put a smile on your face courtesy of an unlikely source. Good job marketing team at TD Canada!

Dodge: Don’t touch my Dart

Dodge has enlisted New Girl’s Jake Johnson and The Office’s Craig Robinson to infuse it’s new ad campaign for the Dodge Dart with a healthy dose of comedy. In the fun series of shorts Robinson and Johnson play neighbours at odds over Robinson’s new Dart. After the try-a-little-too-hard Tumblr directed ads from Fiat featuring twerking, gif’s and horse masks, Dodge’s campaign feels effortlessly funny. The riffs between Robinson and Johnson feel natural and are perfectly in context with the sense of humour of their generation of fans. These seriously made me want to go back and watch every movie where Craig Robinson plays a very underrated character.

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