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This week we see whats new from Apple, have our dreams of being wrapped in bubble wrap realized and learn about The Nike Free 5.0.

Apple: Stickers

“The notebook people love”. Apple released a 30 second clip this week for the Macbook Air featuring a flip book of over 70 laptop stickers that show off the signature bitten apple. Each sticker is meant to show off an individual users taste, personality and user passion while being delightfully fun. What is perhaps even better though is that an individual attempted to source all 74 stickers featured in the ad. He managed to find all and for the ones not currently for sale he managed to find other options. Click here to find where to purchase your favourites, i’ll be buying the full zebra print one for sure.

St. John Ambulance: Safety Suit

At one point in time I am sure that all of us have thought about what it would be like to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap and roll around. I am also sure that some parents out there would love to wrap their kids in bubble wrap to protect them from getting hurt. This is the concept that U.K. health charity St. John Ambulance is using in their newest PSA targeted at moms and dads to encourage them to learn first aid skills. It is worth a watch, if anything just to see the futuristic looking bubble wrap suit that St. John’s came up with.

Nike: Nike Free Box

Nike is dubbing ‘The Nike Free 5.0’ as one of the most flexible sneakers ever designed and judging from its newest spot I would believe it. For the sneakers they designed a box that is very tiny, almost one-third the sized of a regular one in fact. Aside from the wow factor and the clever way of communicating the product benefit, it also uses less cardboard which is always nice to see. Too bad it won’t be used on a mass scale and that these boxes were only for the product launch.

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