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It was a sad site to see one of KW’s beloved eateries Ish & Chips burnt down on Thursday after the two story complex in Uptown Waterloo burst into flames within a matter of minutes.

I was able to capture the blaze off my iPhone that you can check out below. iPhone’s are certainly not our regular tool though I was rather surprised of the quality I could get from it. Goes to show how fast technology is progressing. Although it in no way can compete with our 5D Mark III DSLR’s quality, it certainly gives more people the ability to be storytellers.

It was amazing to see how many people had their phones out shooting the tragic event. To only think how astonishing it would be to aggregate all these different view points and perspectives into one video. In fact if you have footage that you would like to share we’d love to see it. Perhaps we could have a community collaborated video?

Thankfully no one was harmed in the fire. From the George Briggs team we hope that you guys bounce back soon.