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Vine vs. Instragram // Which is better for business?

1. What story do you want to tell?

Before creating an awesome video for your audience to love & adore, it is important to identify exactly what the message you want to share with them is. Both Instragram and Vine offer unique video platforms, but before deciding on which one to use, you need to know what you will be using them for. Do you want to:

  • Educate the audience
  • Demonstrate the product
  • Show off your company culture
  • Highlight or preview new lines or trends
  • Make an announcement
  • Give a behind-the-scenes tour

2. Story time! Who’s listening?

Have a focus for your video? Great! The next most important thing to consider is who your audience is and which platform they are already using. For example, Instagram has an established user base of 130 million and is used to share and showcase the work of amateur and skilled photo enthusiasts around the world. Moreover, the app appeals to nostalgia hunters with its capability to apply vintage-looking filters on top of photos, a feature now applicable to videos. The 13 million users on Vine are more focused on comedic skits and the slew of celebrity personalities that have personal accounts. With just six seconds of recording time, creative and fun videos are emerging and going viral!

3. Lights! Camera! Action!

Consider the following…

  • How long is the story you want to share?
  • Do you plan on putting these videos together in seconds, or do you want to introduce some production value?

Features Instagram Vine
Video Length 15 seconds 6 seconds
Filters Yes No
Delete Last Clip Yes No
Import Video No No
Front-facing Camera Yes Yes
Image Stabilization Yes No
Drafts No No (coming soon)
Save to Camera Roll Yes Yes

4. Show & tell!

Consider the following…

  • Where else do you want to share this story?
  • What other platforms are you already established on?

Features Instagram Vine
Choice of Cover Frame Yes No
Auto play Yes (some lag) Yes
Automatic Sound Yes Yes
Share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,
Flickr, Email, Foursquare
Facebook, Twitter
Looping No Yes
Embeddable Yes Yes
Geotagging Yes Yes
Photo Map Yes No

5. Why not both?

These companies are doing it right…

Instagram Vine
Lululemon Urban Outfitters
Starbucks Gap
Red Bull Lowe’s
Burberry Dove
Playboy ASOS
Adidas Toyota
Sharpie Oreo Cookie

6. Spotlight! Lululemon & Urban Outfitters

Lululemon, an athletic company, optimized their already well-established presence on Instragram by being one of the first brands to post videos. Their “Every mat has a story to tell” video (below) has over 23 thousand ‘likes’ and over a thousand comments. It combines an innovative idea with fun editing, to create the perfect platform for engaging with their audience, while simutaneously showing off their products.

Click on the image below to watch the video (since Instagram can’t be embedded.)

Urban Outfitters has a fan base of almost 50 thousand followers on Vine. They understand that every one of those followers is a potential customer, and they use their six seconds to make that happen. Their clothing, accessories, and decor items are presented with spunk and imaginative flair, which appeals to their youthful target market. The “Hang, sleep, repeat” video below shows off the versatility of their couch, as well as suggesting some decorative pieces that could give it that extra touch.

7. So, which is better for your business? Take the quiz to find out!

Do you want your video to run on a loop?
a. No.
b. Yes!
c. No preference.

Do you need to be able to delete and redo the last clip?
a. Obviously.
b. Nah!
c. I don’t care.

Is 6 seconds enough to get your message across?
a. Absolutely not.
b. Yup, it will inspire creativity.
c. Meh.

Will you be providing images along with videos?
a. That’s the plan!
b. Nope.
c. Who knows.

Want to use filters?
a. Yes please!
b. Why would I want to do that?
c. What is a filter?

Do you care what the cover frame is?
a. Yes, that is very important.
b. No, that is not important.
c. No comment.

Will you be embedding the video?
a. No.
b. Yes!
c. No preference.

Answer Key

Mostly a’s…

Instagram is for you! Use those filters to make some great artsy videos.

Mostly b’s…

Vine is calling your name! The simplicity of this app is perfect for you.

Mostly c’s…

Either Instagram or Vine will suit your unspecific needs.