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In the B2B world, businesses trust other businesses. What better way to reach out to potential customers than by presenting them the experiences of former and current ones? Having your own customers advocate for your business is inherently more sincere and within the context of the potential customer.

Think in terms of how you go through the buying process in everyday life. When you are thinking of buying a product you search for information, be it on the internet, magazines or newspapers. In reality though, the most genuine, trusted way to learn about products is through your peers, co workers and family. These are the opinions one tends to put the most weight upon. Similarly this is now how companies are now reaching their customers.

We ourselves use client advocation through the use of testimonials and have created many testimonials for clients who want to get into the context of their potential consumers. Recently we worked with WagePoint, an online Canadian payroll software startup and part of Cohort 4 of Communitech’s Hyperdrive program. When it comes to payroll providers what can be a big differentiation for a company is the experience, the people and the overall process rather than the service. Vidyard, a client of WagePoint was more than happy to sit down and speak to their experience and client advocate for WagePoint in what we are sure will be a valuable sales tool.

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