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If you are familiar with GB, you may be aware that before our entry into brand and production, George Briggs was a clothing line. As some people were rightfully surprised with the shift I think it needs some explaining.

When I started the clothing line 4 years ago I was in high school and looking for an alternative medium from canvas for my art. This led me to painting shirts which quickly manifested itself into a business. For the most part it was moderately successful but not hugely. Partly because of the market, partly lack of support.

The primary market share of high end fashion consists of international brands with little no recognizable domestic brands. In fact, most designers that have “made it” have left Canada for some time if they come back at all; Dsquarred for instance. This of course makes it rather difficult to break into the fashion industry being that most independents don’t have large capital to expand to international markets.

Secondly, there is an ayr within the fashion industry, specifically in Toronto, that is incredibly egocentric, arrogant, and most of all, exclusive for the sake of being exclusive. Understandably there are people like that in every industry but this was the overall feel and to me it’s not the environment that I want to be in.

In the last year, I had an opportunity to explore another passion of mine; film. After the first opportunity it led to another…then another…so on an so forth. With the frustration I had with the fashion industry, I decided it was time to leave. So after much deliberation, I changed mediums.

Looking back it was the best decision I made. For one, the spectrum of creatives and people that I interact with on a daily basis is a good enough reason as to why I’m in the right business. However, it just gets better. Being that every project has it’s own unique story and every client has their own unique mountain to climb. To help them get their in ensuring that their brand is media represents them appropriately is incredibly rewarding.

What I find amazing is that many of the problems with the clothing line that I see now I had no idea about when I was in it. I was caught in a paradigm trying to fight to break into a market that simply wasn’t there. Now like other companies, it’s easy to get caught up in what your doing and seise to recognize the major holes with the business. That’s where I come in now. My goal with the new vision of George Briggs goes beyond telling a story through media and assisting companies with properly brand themselves but to help them break paradigms and give them the honest truth in regards to their business. I’ll leave it at that for now, relationship dynamics between contracted and contractees is for another day.