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This year was a little awkward for the Super bowl. An uneventful game, good but not great half time show, and viewership dropping by nearly 20 million viewers down to 96.9 million. What happened? Well it wasn’t the game, and it wasn’t Bruno, it was Youtube.

For the first time, a majority of advertisers prematurely released their commercials on youtube giving viewers the ad fixation they were looking for and all the more reason to miss out. Those that didn’t prelaunch missed out dearly. Advertisers turned the game on its head knowing that a considerable number of viewers (especially Canadians) were most looking to watch this years line of show stopping, hilarious, tear jerkingly cute, heart warming, epic, celebrity cramming commercials. And what happened? A good 20 million viewers didn’t show up. Now there may be some other reasons such as fan size for each team, programming and so forth but it’s no coincidence that the Pre-Superbowl Ad show had an impact.

So what did marketers leverage? They gave viewers what they wanted.

Satisfied Anticipation

What’s better than watching superbowl ads? Watching them now instead of later. A majority of Canadians watch the games strictly for entertaining ads but with the premature release, viewers didn’t need to watch the game anymore. I was hard-pressed to find an ad I didn’t already see that was worth watching apart from Radioshack and TurboTax. The biggest show stealer though was Newcastle, which wasn’t even a superbowl ad! They took the opportunity to call everyone out on their marketing antics yet did it in a way that was tasteful and still sold Newcastle beer. Check out the full site:



Empathized with viewers

Connecting with your audience seems tough but really, you just have to listen. It’s very easy to come off as though you’re trying too hard if your ad is overly emotional. Companies must recognize how their brands are perceived in order to understand what type of commercial will resonate with their customers.

So who connected?





What seemed forced?



Relevantly Comedic

Random is only effective if it’s relevant to your brand. We all like out there entertaining commercials but if it doesn’t fit the context of your brand…what’s the point? I get a bear snowboarding down a mountain may seem engaging but animal costumes have been the spotted on Youtube a few too many times. If the randomness of your commercial doesn’t create conversation or remain relevant to customers that will purchase, it’s not worth doing.

Who got random right?




Who missed the mark?


Beats Music

The key take away? Random isn’t funny unless it relevant to the brand. Bodybuilders, puppets and bears? Not so engaging to viewers as notable on youtube likes.

This is an interesting year for the Superbowl, are we going to see a grey thursday happen to advertising in Superbowl? And where does this lead us in the advertising and marketing world? We see this as the ever more important reason to be contextually relevant to your customers and the portals they use. Otherwise you’re just contributing to the noise.