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Your latest twerking video needs a soundtrack, and preferably something royalty-free? Problem solved. 

Gone are the days of spending hours filming and editing a video, only to find its potential undermined by a limited production budget that leaves you with a soundtrack no better than some cheesy jingle.  YouTube has launched a library of 150 brand spanking new instrumental tracks, all royalty-free. With YouTube uploaders often pulling down content due to copyrighted music, it’s a smart and timely move. It has come as a blessing for filmmakers everywhere – for anyone from YouTube makeup artists, to fledgling production agencies.

There doesn’t seem to be a catch-22 either. You can use the songs for any creative use. You’re not obligated to upload the video to YouTube. And, your right of use will never be forfeited; YouTube has said that these tracks will forever be free. Unfortunately, given that they’re accessible by every YouTube user, 150 tracks really won’t stretch very far. They’ll soon become commonplace.

I’d wager you can expect a few cat videos to be backed by some of the songs in the near future, and perhaps a couple of George Briggs shorts too!

Check it out under YouTube’s Creation Tools.