Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Scope: We were tasked to show how Tesla’s Autopilot technology will revolutionize peoples commute. Reducing stress and fatigue, allowing the car to handle the monotony and drudgery of highway driving all while ensuring the experience is safer than a human operated vehicle. The secondary purpose was to reduce doubts and misconceptions about the technology.

Direction: With an entire worlds attention on Tesla’s every move, it can sometimes be challenging to control the message to consumers, all while debunking any misnomers that can be stirred up. Our direction was clear, no fluff, just the facts. With the amount of free press that Tesla receives, it was important to ensure that consumers had a clear idea of what the Autopilot can and can’t do.

Result: The simple and elegant solution was a tremendous success. The Autopilot video lived on Tesla's website for 6 months, as well as launched on youtube for social media use. The campaign was picked up on various global media outlets such as CNN, BBC, Wired. Though hard to calculate the true reach of the program given the organic PR reach we achieved, the video hit a quarter million views in the first 24 hours.

Client: Tesla

Project Date: 2016

Project Date: 2016

Category: Automotive

Arri Mini mounted on a Power Pod
Arri Mini mounted on a Power Pod
Behind the scenes on the Tesla Autopilot video.

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