All-Wheel Drive Launch

All-Wheel Drive Launch

Scope: Tesla's All-Wheel Drive system is unique from any other system on the market in that it's powered by two independent motors, one for the front wheels, one for the rear wheels. As there are no gears or latency, this allows for the system to respond multitudes times faster than any other AWD system available. We were tasked with visualizing the system's capabilities in a way that explains the technology and demonstrates its capabilities in challenging winter conditions.

Solution: To demonstrate Tesla's epic All-Wheel Drive system, we searched across Central and Eastern Canada to find the ideal conditions to put the Tesla through its paces. Landing in New Brunswick the day after a major snowstorm hit, we through everything we could at the Tesla; unplowed foresting roads, mud, ice, varying traction conditions, it monstered through everything. To emphasize the dual motors and it's instantaneous reaction time we overlayed animations to show the system reacting to these changing conditions.

Client: Tesla Motors

Project Date: 2016

Category: Automotive

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